Resources for History & Mythology Lovers

Digital Maps of the Ancient World

Digital Maps of the Ancient World is an ongoing project by one Classical Studies teacher to build creative syllabi and learning tools for students and scholars. The project that began with digital maps has since evolved to provide excellent resources and analyses of different cultures, world mythologies, ancient languages, and more.

Check out their Twitter account @DigitalMapsAW for daily content!

Heritage Reconstructed

Heritage Reconstructed, created in 2020, is an open database collection of archaeological sites that have been digitally reconstructed and have either been lost or are in danger of being lost due to factors such as warfare, political unrest, or environmental events.

Check out their Twitter account @HReconstructed for retweets and posts on new innovations in the field of digital humanities and archaeological reconstructions.

Mapping Flood Myths

Mapping Flood Myths was a project created in 2021 to develop an interactive web map that highlighted flood myths from around the globe. Stories and legends are mapped by region, the excerpts of which may be read directly from the map.

Moan, Inc.

Moan Inc. takes the studies of classical mythology & ancient history out of the archaicism of the classroom to ease students and scholars into the richness of Greco-Roman civilization and mythology. With a growing community, Moan Inc. hopes to encourage modern classicists to embrace their passion for mythology and history.

You can watch weekly content on their YouTube channel, including text summaries, book reviews, brief historical lessons, and more.

The Ancients Podcast

The Ancients Podcast is a wonderful podcast for people interested in ancient history, archeology, paleontology, and anthropology. Hosted by Tristen Hughes, and part of the History Hit network, the podcast features interviews and discussions with experts in the field, covering a wide range of topics through prehistoric and written history.

Theoi Project | Greek Mythology

Theoi Project | Greek Mythology is a fantastic online encyclopedia focused on Greek mythology, classical literature, and classical art. The Theoi Project profiles gods, beasts, texts, and more, incorporating an encyclopedia summary, quotations from a wide selection of ancient Greek and Roman texts, and illustrations from ancient art.

World History Encyclopedia

World History Encyclopedia is a non-profit organization and community dedicated to bringing education and public awareness of cultural heritage and archeological studies. Using numerous forms of multimedia and learning tools, the World History Encyclopedia works hard to make history engaging and compelling for all.

Check out their YouTube channel for weekly content!

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