Shows Watched in 2021

A list of all the new shows I watched in 2021

You can hardly blame the newspapers for wanting to write about something other than the wedding of a fringe member of the family who will never be king.

Prince Charles
The Crown, Season 4
Band of Brothers (HBO)
Genre: War Drama
The Book of Boba Fett (Disney+)
Genre: Science Fantasy, Space Western
The Boys (Amazon Prime)
Genre: Superhero, Drama, Black Comedy
The Crown (Netflix)
Genre: Historical Drama
Standout Show of the Year
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Disney+)
Genre: Superhero, Buddy Comedy, Satire
Godzilla Singular Point (Netflix)
Genre: Science Fiction, Anime
Hawkeye (Disney+)
Genre: Superhero, Buddy Comedy, Christmas
Loki (Disney+)
Genre: Superhero, Drama, Mystery
Made for Love (HBO Max)
Genre: Black Comedy
Men in Kilts: A Roadtrip with Sam and Graham (Starz)
Genre: Documentary
Pacific Rim: The Black (Netflix)
Genre: Science Fiction, Anime
The Pacific (HBO)
Genre: War Drama
Schitt’s Creek (Netflix)
Genre: Comedy-drama, Sitcom
Shadow & Bone (Netflix)
Genre: Fantasy, Drama
Star Wars: The Bad Batch (Disney+)
Genre: Science Fantasy, War Drama, Animation
WandaVision (Disney+)
Genre: Superhero, Sitcom, Mystery
Runner-up Show of the Year
Welcome to Earth (Disney+)
Genre: Documentary
What If? (Disney+)
Genre: Superhero, Mystery, Animation
The surprise celebrity cameo Paul Bettany kept promising, was in fact,  himself. - Popdust

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